Dynamic Air Sterliizers

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  • Ozone Air Purifier ZYF-5300

    Ozone Air Purifier. Owing to ozone popularization, high-efficient, sterilize rapidly, can disinfect & eliminate odori ndoor air of family, hospital...

  • Hospital Dynamic air disinfecting equipment KDSJ-Y120

    Hospital Dynamic air disinfector:
    Applicable volume:150m3;
    output wind in disinfection:≥1200m3/h/;
    Built-in ultraviolet strength:≥10000uw/cm2...

  • Dynamic air disinfecting equipment(wall type) KDSJ-B80

    Disinfect and purify air for hospitals, High strength built-in ultraviolet irradiation, laminar filter system, oxygen anion generator to remove smell.

  • Disinfecting equipment for hospital bed LK/XDJ

    For hospitals: bedding, clothing, pillow, mattress and some articles in hotels Ozone sterilizing, microcomputer sequencing to control the process...

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