19L Autoclave Machine

Desktop Steam Autoclave Machine

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  • 3-Prevacuum Autoclave CLASS B - YZM-A-B 19L

    19L class B table top autoclave with PC control, LCD display, printer for file; 3 times pre-vacuum and 1time behind-vacuum function, Separate sewage.

  • Tabletop Steam Autoclave CLASS S - YZM-A-S

    PC control, digital display; Europe class S standard; 1time pre-vacuum and 1 time behind-vacuum function; 4 sterilizing programs; Chamber Cubage:19L

  • Mechanical Autoclave CLASS N - YZM-A-N 19L

    19 Liters European Class N standard table top mechanical controlled autoclave with pre-vacuum and anti-dry-heating function.

  • Table top Steam Autoclave CLASS B-CT2000B

    19L Europe Class B tabletop autoclave with multifunctional programs, advanced, safe and imported configurations, thorough drying,stainless steel liner

  • Tabletop Steam Autoclave CLASS B-CT2000BX

    Class B 19L table top vacuum autoclave with multifunctional programs; Adjustable temperature and time length; Imported configurations; Vacuum drying.

  • Fast Autoclave CLASS S-CT2000Y

    Europe Class S table top fast autoclave with four sterilization modes, advanced and imported configuration, digital display; automatically power off

  • 3 times pre-vacuum autoclave CLASS B-YZM-A-B++

    19L Europe Class B sterilizer; 3 times pre-vacuum; Stainless steel chamber; 4 programs of computer sterilization combine Class B, S, N sterilization.

  • Fast Autoclave CLASS B-YZM-A

    19L Class B tabletop autoclave;Fast sterilization, fast drying, only needs twelve minutes; Stainless steel chamber, fine workmanship and durability

  • Fast Autoclave CLASS B-CT-ZJ-B FB+ 19L

    19 Liters European B standard pulse vacuum fast autoclave with PC control and touch screen, LCD display, imported vacuum pump, self- check, bar lock.

  • Fast Autoclave CLASS B-CT-ZJ-B FB 19L

    19L European class B pulse vacuum autoclave; PC control, touch screen; LCD display, self- check; Imported vacuum pump; 3 -fixed,1-customizable program

  • Tabletop Steam Autoclave CLASS B-CT-ZJ-B FBX (19L)

    Fast autoclave; European B standard, PC control; Digital display; Imported vacuum pump; 3-fixed, 1-customizable program; beautiful appearance; 19L

  • Tabletop Fast Autoclave CLASS N- CT-ZJ-A FN+ (19L)

    19L table top automatic fast autoclave; PC control; Touch screen; Digital display; Self- malfunction; Speaker alarm; Threaded bar lock ensure safety.

  • Fast Autoclave CLASS B-CT-ZJ-B B+ (19L)

    19L European B fast autoclave; PC control; LCD display,self- check; Imported vacuum pump; Pulse behind vacuum drying; 3-fixed, 1-customizable program.

  • Tabletop Fast Autoclave CLASS B-CT-ZJ-BB (19L)

    19L Fast autoclave; European class B, PC control; touch screen; Digital display; Imported vacuum pump; Pulse vacuum; 3-fixed, 1-customizable program.

  • Fast Autoclave CLASS S- CT-ZJ-BS (19L)

    19L fast European class S autoclave; PC control; Digital display; Imported vacuum pump; 3-fixed, 1-customizable programs; Pulse behind vacuum drying

  • 3-times pre-vacuum autoclave CLASS B-CT-ZJ-B BX (19L)

    19L European Class B fast table top autoclave with imported vacuum pump, 3-times pre-vacuum, PC control, touch screen, Digital display, self- check.

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