23L Autoclave Machine

Desktop Steam Autoclave Machine

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  • TMQ.C Series Tabletop Vacuum Steam Autoclave Sterilizer CLASS B-TMQ-CV-2547 23L (AUTOMATIC DOOR)

    Class N 23L Tabletop Vacuum Steam Autoclave Sterilizer, LCD display, Microcomputer control, error is alarmed and displayed, Double tanks, very safe.

  • 23L Class B Tabletop Vacuum Steam Autoclave Machine CLASS B-TMQ-CV-2547 23L (AUTOMATIC DOOR)

    23L Class B Tabletop Vacuum Steam Autoclave Machine, AUTOMATIC DOOR, Microcomputer control, LCD display, Pulse-vacuum drying system, Double tanks

  • Class B LCD Pulsation Steam Vacuum Sterilizer CLASS B-TMQ.CVK 2540B 23L

    23L Class B LCD Display Pulsation Steam Vacuum Sterilizer:
    Microcomputer control;
    Bowie & Dick and vacuum test;
    Built-in imported vacuum pump;

  • 23L Class S Pulsation Steam Vacuum Sterilizer CLASS S-TMQ.CVK 2540S 23L

    23L Class S Pulsation Steam Vacuum Sterilizer:
    Bowie & Dick leaking and vacuum testing procedures;
    LCD display malfunctiion;
    Safety Protections...

  • Class B LCD Display 23L Rapid Steam Autoclave Machine CLASS B-YF-23L

    Micro-computer control,wide LCD, High-speed, powerful intellective pulse vacuum drying function,many testing programs, Rectangular sterilizing chamber

  • Table top Steam Autoclave Class N - TMQ.J-2540 23L

    Class N 23 liters low-grade autoclave; Manual water infusion; Environment is kept clean and dry because there are inner cycle system for water and gas

  • Table top Steam Autoclave CLASS N-TMQ.R-2540 23L

    23 Liters Class N desktop autoclave: Controlled by program; Digital Display; Finished signal; Environment is clean because of inner cycle systems.

  • Pressure Steam Autoclave Class N - TMQ.C-2540 23L

    Class N 23 Liter autoclave; PC control, touch screen; Digitally display; 4 sterilizing programs; Printer is optional; Equipped with inner cycle system

  • Pulse Vacuum Autoclave CLASS B-TMQ.CVK-2540B (23L)

    Class B 23 Liter pulse vacuum autoclave with PC control, touch screen, digital display,finished signal, vacuum pump from Germany. Printer is optional.

  • Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Class S- TMQ.CVK-2540S (23L)

    Class S 23 Liters autoclave with PC control, digitally display, Pulse behind vacuum drying, failure display system, mported vacuum pump, with printer.

  • Pulse Vacuum Autoclave CLASS B-MJQ23LV+

    16 or 23 Liters Class B benchtop autoclave with stainless steel chamber, LCD display, electronic door, high precise pressure transmitter, mini printer

  • 16 Liter Autoclave CLASS S-MJQ23L1

    16L/23L automatic PC controlled autoclave with digital display, high precise pressure transmitter, safety protection, outer-connected mini printer.

  • Table top Steam Autoclave CLASS B-MJQ23LV

    Full-automatic PC controlling; 6 procedure sterilizing setting; with LED indicator; High precise pressure transmitter system; 16L/23L can be selected.

  • Normal & Fast Autoclave CLASS N-MJQ23L

    16L & 23L Normal / Fast table top class N autoclave with stainless steel chamber with PC control, pulse hot-dynamic drying system and digital display.

  • Pressure Steam Autoclave CLASS N-MJQ23LP

    European Class N tabletop steam autoclave, including 16 & 23 Liter , with stainless steel chamber, PC controlling system, LED display, safety valve...

  • 3-Times Pre-vacuum Autoclave CLASS B-MJQ17-23

    European Class B standard; Pump from Italy; Solenoid valve from parker; Computer control system; Chamber dish: 3~5trays; LCD display; Built-in printer

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