2.8L Ultrasonic Cleaners

2.8L Table Top Ultrasonic Baths; 2.8L Table Top Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

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  • Ultrasonic Cleaner With Mechanical Timer CT-431D1/431D2

    Ultrasonic Cleaner With Mechnical Timer:
    Valid Volume:2.8L;
    Tank size:176x164x100;
    With built-in PTC heating apparatus;
    Quality stainless steel

  • Mechnical Ultrasonic Cleaner CT-431C1/431C2

    2.8L Mechnical Ultrasonic Cleaner:
    Tank size:176x164x100(mm);
    Control way: Mechnical timer, 0~30minutes;
    Body Material:Quality Stainless Steel.

  • Heated Or Unheated Ultrasonic Cleaner CT-431B1/431B2

    2.8L Ultrasonic Cleaner:
    Two level switchs control, heating or unheating can be selected;
    Built-in PTC heating device;
    Quality stainless steel.

  • Switch control Ultrasonic Cleaner CT-431A1/431A2

    Simple Benth-top Ultrasonic Cleaner:
    Control way:Switch;
    Inner Tank size:176x164x100(mm);
    Working frequency:28KHZ;
    Quality stainless steel body.

  • Desktop Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine CT-431G1/431G2

    Desktop Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine:
    Valid Volume:2.8L;
    Slot Size:176X164X100;
    Quality stainless steel body;
    Microcomputer & Digital Timing contro

  • Ultrasonic Used Print Cartridge Bath YF100SH-2.8LQ

    2.8L Ultrasonic Used Print Cartridge Bath:
    Power: 100W Ultrasonic+Heating function
    Full stainless steel
    Transducer pcs. & frequency: 2 x 40Khz

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