500mL Ultrasonic Cleaners

500ml Table Top Ultrasonic Baths; 500ml Table Top Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

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  • 0.5L Ellipse Ultrasonic Cleaner CT-400B

    0.5L Ellipse Ultrasonic Cleaner:
    1.Two LCD Display Methods:llluminated & DigitalTube;
    2.Cleaning:Electronic project, Optical & medical appliances...

  • Ultrasonic Electronics Components Cleaner CT-400A

    0.5L Ultrasonic Electronics Components Cleaner:
    Two LCD Display Methods: llluminated Tube & Digital Tube;
    Can cleaning optical elements, jewellery..

  • Household Ultrasonic Cleaner CT-405

    0.5L Household Ultrasonic Cleaner:
    SUS304 stainless steel;
    Microcomputer controlled, digital display;
    Large diameter transducer, better clean effec

  • Ultrasonic Artifical Nail Cleaner YF-4900

    Ultrasonic Artifical Nail Cleaner is made of anti-corrosion plastic for chemical cleaning. 3-adjustable power & 5-timer sections digital display.

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