Washer Disinfectors

Medical Fully Automatic Washer Disinfectors, generally used for disinfecting & cleaning surgical instruments, apparatus, utensils and narcosis devices in hospital CSSD .

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  • Automatic Bed Pan Washer Disinfector product new YF-Quick-A-60

    Automatic Bed Pan Washer Disinfector for human waste vessels, large flow rate, low noise circulation pump, 5 operation programs for different material

  • YF-BW Bedpan Washer Disinfector YF-BW

    Bedpan Washer Disinfector is applicable to emptying, washing, disinfecting of Bedpan, urinal, small bucket, small basin, etc. It is reliable.

  • Medical Rapid 520 Washer Disinfector Rapid 520 Washer Disinfector (520L)

    Large Medical Rapid Washer Disinfector, a technique of spraying manner of hot water to clean, disinfect medical instruments,oil coating, etc.

  • 50L Automatic Washer disinfector YFQ3 50L

    50L Automatic Washer disinfector, mainly used in washing dental hand-pieces & other dental instruments. Electric heating, Purified or distilled water

  • 57L Washer Disinfector YFQ2S 57L

    57L Hospital Or Lab Instruments Washer Disinfector:
    PC control water temperature, pressure and flushing time of the high-pressure & dynamic spray.

  • Automatic CSSD Cleaning Machine EASY200-SGD

    Automatic CSSD Cleaning Machine is for medical instruments & utensils. volume:0.2CBM, Stronger cleaning, Sterilizing, drying, automatically controlled

  • Full automatical washer disinfector EASY200-SGD

    Washer disinfector is available for medical instruments and utensils. volume:0.2CBM, Stronger cleaning, Sterilizing, drying, automatically controlled.

  • Medical Full automatical Washer Disinfector EASY200-SGD

    Medical Double Door Automatical Washer Disinfector, Auto control system, Effective drying function, Sterilizing function, Big capacity cleaning trolle

  • Single Door automatical Washer Disinfector EASY200-SGD

    Single Door 0.2CBM full-automatical washer disinfector with Electrical heating with drying, Auto-adding clean liquid and oiling, Sterilizing function.

  • Hospital Instruments Washer Disinfector EASY200-SD(Double Door)

    200L Hospital Instruments Washer Disinfector:
    Double Pulling-down Door;
    Cabinet construction;
    Double Layer Of Stainless Steels for insulation..

  • Hospital CSSD Washer Disinfector EASY200-SGQ

    Strong cleaning; Sterilizing function; High-effective drying; Auto-adding clean liquid and oiling; Auto control system; Big capacity cleaning trolley

  • Double Door Medical CSSD Washer Disinfector EASY200-SQ

    Double Door Medical CSSD Washer Disinfector, with Double Pulling-down Door and Safety Device, Sterilizing function, Auto control system, Big capacity.

  • EASY automatic cleaning machines EASY200-SQ

    Medical Single Door automatic cleaning machine with pulling-down door, like a working table; A looking window in the door; Safety device; Double layer

  • Dental Instruments Washer Disinfector Eco Star 530F

    Dental Instruments Washer Disinfector with electronic programme, double wall insulated, Eco-filter system, integrated water softening device (option).

  • Glass Instrument Washer Disinfector EcoStar 430F

    Glass Instrument Washer Disinfector, fully electronic programme sequence with clear touch sensitive control panel, also suitable for large glasses

  • Automatic Oral Cavity Instruments Cleaner CS-150

    Automatic Oral Cavity Instruments Cleaner are used on oral cavity handhold apparatus, checking pinchers on endoscope, nippers, hypodermic needles...

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